Frank Trozzo

New Work by Frank Trozzo

W is for Whales

oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″

I paint symbols. Whales are solitary creatures who symbolize wisdom, awareness and intuition. In this painting I have a mother and baby humpback whale in deep ultramarine waters with rays of light streaming down from above. I used just three colors; ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and white. The ultramarine is the color of the night sky and deep water. It has a calming effect on the human psyche and represents stability. The cobalt blue has a blue-green tint that represents shallow water and sky. It is one of my most popular paintings. You can see more of my work at

Dragonfly Mandala

acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″

Dragonflies represent different things in different cultures, but mostly they represent speed, self-realization, and the ability to overcome obstacles. They are amazing to watch. I have red, blue, and green dragonflies in my garden. Occasionally a red-brown one too. The structure of their wings is an amazing work of creation. Here I represent the life cycle using turquoise for water, greens for plants, browns and tans for grasses and earth. The red-violet represents stability, nobility, energy and creativity. The geometric shapes denotes their place in the metaphysical world; the world of the subconscious, dreams and collective mind.

Elephant Mandala

acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″

Elephants represent good fortune and positivity. They are a remarkable presence exuding power and strength. I love elephants. I remember the first time I was taken to the zoo and allowed to touch one. It impressed me so deeply I’m still in awe whenever I see one. This painting is meant to remind us of the cycles of life.  We need to also to remember that elephants are endangered and we must do what we can to ensure their survival. Here I’ve painted an elephant parade around a baby elephant. I used yellows, Venetian red, browns, grays and greens to show their connection to the earth. The geometric shapes denotes their place in the metaphysical world; the world of the subconscious, dreams and collective mind.

John Comisky

New work by John Comisky

Whale Tail 2

Photography on Metal with invisible floating frame – 30″ by 20″

Humpback Whale – taken in the Shetland Islands (Antarctic Circle) on 1/5/2020, in a bay where it is estimated that 250 individuals were feeding.  It was an extraordinary experience with a species that was on the brink of extinction before a 1966 moratorium.  The undersides of Humpback Whale tails are like human fingerprints, and allow for identification from photos.  Purchase of this photo will come with a unique tracking code that will allow you to track the whale’s movements on

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