Recent work from Jennifer Emerson

“Winding Through Redwoods”

Oil on canvas 2021, framed
24” x 24” x 2″

Jenny writes

The redwoods have a spiritual effect on me and create a sense of awe, like being in a cathedral.  They are specific to California and an icon of this state.

Jenny adds

The highway is such an important piece of the landscape in the USA, so I often paint pictures of landscapes as seen from a car.

John Comisky on Safari

Sunbeamed, photography, Canon 5D Mar III with 100-400 mm lens

I was on a photo safari in South Africa, when we spotted the remains of an impala up in a tree.   Leopards are the only big cats that are capable of carrying that much weight into a tree.  They do it to prevent losing their prey to scavengers.  The leopard was gone, but we knew it would be back to finish it, so we returned the next morning before dawn.  The Leopard was already in the tree eating.   After a while, it came down and we trailed it for a while, before it entered an area filled with thorn trees and bushes, with thorns as long as 7 inches, before settling down at a spot where it seemed comfortable.  The driver proceeded towards it, driving over trees and bushes. At times we had to dive down below the seat to avoid sweeping, barbed branches.  Once we were as close as practical, we stopped, and it was time to take pictures.  The sun was just coming over a rise, striking an area of the thicket yards away from the Leopard, but I guessed its movement would cause it to pass over the Leopard, if we waited where we were.  I convinced the other passengers it was worth the try.  They agreed to wait, and 30 minutes later the sunbeams began to hit the Leopard directly on the face and arm while the rest remained in shadow.  I got the shot I had hoped for.

Susan Antonini Bringing You to Another Place

Recent works by Susan Antonini include Lawsons Landing (triptych)

and second piece hanging in gallery is Calm Seas, an acrylic and a (diptych)
Susan has been working in Acrylic most recently
She feels that ocean scenes are calming to paint
Susan believes a piece of art can bring you to another place

Recent work by Mosaics Artist Monica Curie-Johnson

Art Gallery Napa Valley features work by Mosaic Artist Monica Curie-Johnson

‘Shattering Waves of Prejudice‘ is a recent work by her.
What materials/tools did you use to create it?_ Monica: stained glass, mirror and silver Jewelry.
Why did you create this piece? Monica: This work is a response to random hate crimes against Asian Americans to show the wave of hatred has shattering effects on the individual. The mirror represents that it reflects onto all of us.

Shattering Waves of Prejudice

Marlene Haas

Rainbow Ice

Recently sold, Rainbow Ice, oil, 12” x 12”. Inspired by a trip to the glaciers in Alaska, Marlene was fascinated with the light reflecting from the ice texture.  She loves the light refractions glowing in the clear chunks of ice.

Marlene writes: I have been painting with watercolor for about 20 years.  Several years ago I took a few classes in oil from Cindy Taylor.  I was fascinated with the feel and versatility of the oil paint.  My go to learning subject is landscapes.  When I am confident with the medium I begin to explore abstracting landscapes, then florals and more abstract.  All my abstracts are based in nature.  I have had a love affair with nebulae and light refraction/reflection forever.  The colors of light and how it plays with shadows and prism colors never ceases to amaze me.  

During the past months I have been studying abstract expressionists, such as Jackson Pollack and Joan Collins and watching videos about abstract techniques through MOMA in New York.  The research has revealed some interesting techniques to create texture and interest that are not always discussed in  classes.  I have begun to experiment with design texture on my own for special effects I visualize.

My work is at the ART GALLERY NAPA VALLEY, at 1307 First St, Napa, CA..  The new display has several very recent pieces , where I have incorporated some of these new discoveries and techniques.

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