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The Art Association Napa Valley Scholarships benefit local high school and college students who wish to pursue arts education. The fund is created by art sold through exhibitions sponsored by NVAA. In 2014, we awarded 11 scholarships of $1,000 to each the recipients below.

Students wishing to apply for an art scholarship need to be in enrolled in one of the Napa Valley public high schools or Napa Valley College. To qualify for an NVAA scholarship one must be participating in an art program and on track to pursue an education in the arts at the college level.

Application is made by the student through his/her counselor or an art teacher at his/her school. Students should contact their teacher or administration for time lines and applications; each school is a little different, but most start the application process in December. Scholarships are awarded in May.

Last year we had an impressive selection of scholarship recipients. Each student gave a brief exhibition of their works to the NVAA Board. After their presentation they were presented with a check for $1,000 to apply to their college education.

The Art Association Napa Valley is proud to present the 2014 recipients:

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