Located in a quiet corner of a downtown Napa neighborhood, the Art Center on Behrens Street is the long-time home of the Association. The center features an abundance of studio space, to teach large groups and foster collaboration among artists. Our general meeting, held here on the fourth Monday of the month, features local and bay area demonstrating artists with exciting and varied talents. During presentations we record- and project on two big screens- our monthly demonstrating artists, using state of the art audio-visual equipment.

Our smart TV/projectors have wi-fi connection capability, when used with your smart phone’s Hot Spot. Check below for scheduled events and classes, and use the schedule feature to contact us about scheduling your own classes at our large, well-lit and comfortable facility.

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The Art Center hosts classes and seminars for artists and craftspeople of all media and levels of experience.

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If you’re interested in hosting a class or need to plan a gathering in a creative space, fill out a contact form here.

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