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Recent work from Jennifer Emerson

Posted by Ann Nunziata on April 20, 2022

Oil on canvas 2021, framed24” x 24” x 2″ Jenny writes The redwoods have a spiritual effect on me and create a sense of awe, like being in a cathedral.  They are specific to California and an icon of this state. Jenny adds The highway is such an important piece of the landscape in the […]

Recent work from Dennis Smith

Posted by Ann Nunziata on April 5, 2022

This is, Have a drink, 8×10 pastel on sanded paper, I did this just as the war started because of the stress, maybe it will ease the pain. It is in the gallery now.

John Comisky on Safari

Posted by Ann Nunziata on March 11, 2022

I was on a photo safari in South Africa, when we spotted the remains of an impala up in a tree.   Leopards are the only big cats that are capable of carrying that much weight into a tree.  They do it to prevent losing their prey to scavengers.  The leopard was gone, but we knew […]

Susan Antonini Bringing You to Another Place

Posted by Ann Nunziata on March 11, 2022

Recent works by Susan Antonini include Lawsons Landing (triptych) and second piece hanging in gallery is Calm Seas, an acrylic and a (diptych)Susan has been working in Acrylic most recentlyShe feels that ocean scenes are calming to paintSusan believes a piece of art can bring you to another place

Recent work by Mosaics Artist Monica Curie-Johnson

Posted by Ann Nunziata on March 10, 2022

Art Gallery Napa Valley features work by Mosaic Artist Monica Curie-Johnson ‘Shattering Waves of Prejudice‘ is a recent work by her.What materials/tools did you use to create it?_ Monica: stained glass, mirror and silver Jewelry.Why did you create this piece? Monica: This work is a response to random hate crimes against Asian Americans to show […]

Nick Cann

Posted by Ann Nunziata on February 16, 2022

Pen and ink drawing of Greek God Poseidon. Nick created this for the Tampa Florida airport in 1975. It was one of a series of gods and goddesses.

Marlene Haas

Posted by Ann Nunziata on December 13, 2021

Recently sold, Rainbow Ice, oil, 12” x 12”. Inspired by a trip to the glaciers in Alaska, Marlene was fascinated with the light reflecting from the ice texture.  She loves the light refractions glowing in the clear chunks of ice. Marlene writes: I have been painting with watercolor for about 20 years.  Several years ago I […]

Holiday Popup Art Show

Posted by Ann Nunziata on December 2, 2021

Please come out this weekend, both Saturday, December 4 and Sunday, December 5, 2021  to support AANV artists and do some holiday shopping at the locations indicated below. Several of Art Gallery Napa Valley Members are participating, including Janis Adams, John Comisky, Sharon Crary, Therese Legere, Sunshine Moeschler, Bill Mellberg, and Frank Trozzo, Hours have […]

Janis Adams

Posted by Ann Nunziata on November 20, 2021

Janis Adams is busy with new art for the holidays. Janis writes: I’ve attached pics of some new fused glass plates and bowls recently add to my booth at the Gallery. I’m doing new work for the upcoming Holidays and our push to encourage folks to GIVE ART and BUY LOCAL, especially since the “supply […]

Jeanette Monterio

Posted by Ann Nunziata on November 19, 2021

Jeanette recently had this mixed media piece in the show about remembrance Skulls and Roses at Artworks Downtown.  Our Lady of Borders and was inspired by reliquary and shrines and what we hold in our hearts.  Below is her Artist Statement for the show. Front of Reliquary: “Oppression breeds revolt; and as a breed of men […]

John Comisky

Posted by Ann Nunziata on November 11, 2021

These are two new photos I have in my space called After the Harvest 1 & 2.  Much of the photography on vineyards shows grape clusters.  I’ve become interested in the beginning and end of the cycle as well.  This is obviously the latter.  The intend was to bring out the rich textures and colors that […]

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